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God's Glory Farm
                        Loudoun Beekeeping Company
Winter hours of operation (October-March):

By Appointment (call 301-219-3131)

Summer hours of operation (March-September):
Wednesdays from 1pm-6pm
Saturdays from 10am-3pm
By Appointment (call 301-219-3131)

LaMancha Goats

We are proud of our excellent herd of LaMancha goats. They come from proven show and milk lines and are fed non-GMO, tested pesticide- and herbicide-free feed. Our herd is tested CAE, Johne's, CL and Brucellosis free. If you are interested in goat kids, please contact us for availability.

Senior Does

Blue-Ridge Electra

LA: 02-05 VEEV 88

DOB: 3/22/14

                    SS: Little Orchard TM Prophet

Sire: Catalpa Hills Prophets Chance

                    SD: Catalpa-Hills DL Blue Crystal

                    DS: South-Fork DH Charming Voyager

Dam: Blue-Ridge Yosenia

                    DD: CH Blue-Ridge Tammy

-Best Doe in Show at 2018 Loudoun County Fair
Blue-Ridge Flora

​LA:  02-03 VEEV 87 

DOB: 2/25/15

                    SS: Little Orchard TM Prophet

Sire: Catalpa-Hills Prophet's Chance

                    SD: Catalpa-Hills Prophets Chance

                    DS: South-Fork DH Charming Voyager

Dam: CH Blue-Ridge Xandi

                    DD: SGCH Blue-Ridge Tammy
(Pictured dry)

Junior Does

HER Bellewood Precious

DOB: 4/9/17

                    SS: Kastdemur's Up & Atom

Sire: Chaos Caprines Up To No Good

                    SD: Chaos Caprines Ismine

                    DS: Chaos Caprines Up To No Good

Dam: HER Bellewood Savannah GA

                    DD: Ditchley's Katherine

-Champion Lamancha Doe at the 2017 Loudoun County Fair
-Reserve Champion Lamancha Doe at 2018 Loudoun County Fair


HER Bellewood Legolas

DOB: 3/24/17

                    SS: CH Shammy's TU Excel

Sire: S-Stock Exchange Dark Tower

                    SD: CH S-Stock Exchange M Celeste

                    DS: Chaos Caprines Up To No Good

Dam: HER Bellewood Europa

                    DD: HER Bellewood Hopi

Bad Chicken Ranch SR Lionheart

DOB: 2/5/18

                    SS: South-Fork AV Hailey's Comet
Sire: Honey Road Zephyr
                    SD: Honey Road MK Paige

                    DS: S-Stock Exchange Achilles
Dam: S-Stock Exchange Painted Lady
                    DD: S-Stock Exchange Erica

-Champion Lamancha Buck at the 2018 Loudoun County Fair
Glory of God Marvel

DOB: 3/29/18

                   SS: S-Stock Exchange Dark Tower

Sire: HER Bellewood Legolas

                   SD: HER Bellewood Europa

                   DS: Catalpa-Hills Prophets Chance

Dam: Blue-Ridge Electra

                   DD: Blue-Ridge Yosenia